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Resources provided below to assist teachers and students in finding project assets.
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Citing Sources:

      Use these sites and resources to assist you as you cite photos, images, videos, etc. of others. Some cites state that you may use the work of the contributor as long as you attribute the work in the manner specified by the author. You should read the conditions on each site and on each piece of work you wish to use.

      Some Sites for creating citations:

      1. Easy Bib - a free bibliography and citation creator
      2. Easy Bib's Visual Guide to Citations
      3. WikiHow - How to Attribute a Creative Commons Licensed Work
      4. Son Of Citation Machine, older version, properly credit sources and WEB media
      5. Son Of Citation Machine - newer version, properly credit sources and WEB media
      6. Creative Commons - sample search page; click on images to see attribution requirements
      7. Creative Commons - attribution page sample
      8. Creative Commons - sample attribution based on contributor's requirements
      9. Creative Commons - FAQ's
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