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American Civil War & Revolutionary War Battle Map Documentaries

By George Stiller

Explore the following interactive historical maps of George Stiller, designed for students, educators, and anyone who has an interest in history. The interactive maps allow users to go through places and events at their own pace. Users will find actual locations, be able to link to Internet sites for additional information, access primary source documents, and read related eBooks.

The Google Maps included below are of:

  1. The American Revolution
  2. The American Civil War, Parts 1 and 2:
          • Part 1: 1861 - August 1863
    Part 2: September 1863 - 1865

    The following maps form a series of documentaries on the American Revolution and Civil War. Users can click on specific placemarkers, zoom in and out, and see for themselves the actual battle sites as they read about what happened at each site.

    Click on the map titles below to go to the blog page with an embedded map, photos and background and source information about each subject.

    This project is part of "Google Historical Voyages and Events," a site dedicated to showcasing projects related to history.

    Google Map Links - click on image or text
    American Revolution
    Civil War 1861 - August 1863
    Civil War September 1863 - 1865
    Sample Google Map:

       • User will see maps similar to the map on right
       •  Sidebar on left allows for navigation
       •  Use scrollbar on right side of sidebar
       •  Or, click directly on placemarker

    See Google Earth Examples Below
    Project Includes:
    1. Google Maps:
         • Link directly to the interactive Google Map for each topic
        • Digitally experience events
         • Zoom in to see close ups of old forts, battlefields, military headquarters
         • Find quotes from and page references to eBooks written by, or about, the event or historical person
         • Switch to terrain mode in maps to see what topography people were dealing with
         • Digitally walk the path of the people in history you are studying
         • Discover where places are in relation to each other as you study famous battles or events of the time period
         • Link to additional information on the WEB about each event or battle, provided by the author

    2. Google Earth KML's:
         • Download the KML files
         • Links are provided for the Google Earth files
         • When the map opens in the browser, choose File ---> Download
         • Find the KML file that has downloaded to your computer
         • Double click on the files, and they will play in Google Earth
         • You will need to download the Google Earth Application and install it on your computer

    3. Links: The project also includes links to other war battles, other historical topics of interest,

    4. Goal Of Project: To provide a resource for students, educators, and those interested in history that will augment their current studies and information. To allow users to explore online references such as Wikipedia, primary sources, and websites by linking directly to sources of information used while creating My Reading Mapped. To aggregate information in an easy-to-use format, especially for students as they research topics on the American Revolution and the American Civil War.

    5. Objective: Through use of the Internet, Google Maps, Google Earth, and visual resources, students will learn how to research historical topics and develop a more in-depth interest and an understanding of history.

    6. Questions For Students: At the end of this page, teachers can download questions written for students. The questions are designed to have students reflect on how the Google Maps and Google Earth KML's help them learn about the topics they are studying. As students use the WEB, they are discovering how to access and use digitally produced resources and lessons. They ae also seeing that there are websites designed to assist in their research that contain primary source documents, photos, and content-rich examples to help them learn. The questions ask the students to reflect more about the way the material is presented rather than the facts and information they are learning. We leave the questions about content to the teachers and focus more on having students see the difference between using standard ways of acquiring information and information technology.

    7. Procedures:
         Students may work individually or in pairs.
      • Students may work individually, in pairs, or groups
      • Research is self- directed, allowing for an increased literacy for the WEB
      • Attention is focused on places and events, with links for additional information and reading
      • Teachers can create assignments based on the maps and resource pages the maps link to
      • Students can be assigned writing projects to demonstrate what they have learned
      • Teacher created questions and suggested readings will be added to this page
    Google Earth Links To Download KML Files Which Will Open In Google Earth - Click on image or text below
    American Revolution
    In Google Earth
    Civil War, Part 1
    In Google Earth
    Civil War, Part 2
    In Google Earth
    Sample Google Earth:

        •  Click on the links or images above to find
           a map in KML format
        •  When map is open, use the menu and
           choose File --> Download
    Find the KML file on your computer
        •  Double click on the file
        •  This will launch Google Earth, and the
           file will open
       •  Sidebar on left allows for navigation
       •  Use scrollbar on right side of sidebar
       •  Or, click directly on placemarker

    Link To Author's
    Blog Page
    Learning Standards
    Questions For Lessons
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