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This page is dedicated to the novels, short stories, poetry, etc. written about historical events and people who were part of the World's history. During many of the World's significant time periods, people have written about their feelings or documented events or summarized what took place. Some have written historical novels or poems, loosely based on facts or real people.

Have you done a project on an historical piece of literature? Here's the place to post it.


The following schools were the first to take part in this project. Please study their formats as models for your own projects:

School District School Location
Niskayuna Central Schools Iroquois &Van Antwerp
Middle Schools

Niskayuna, New York

Superintendent:   Dr. Kevin Baughman
Principal:  Mr. Anthony BrandonemmmTechnology: Mr. Michael Greene
Teacher:mmMrs. Carol LaRow              Students: 7th Graders
Google Tools Used: Google Earth, Map Gadgets, Search Engine, Image Search
Project Title:  Historical Novel - My Brother Sam is Dead
                         Based on The American Revolution

This project can be used as a unit lesson. It includes discussion questions written by students, links to the Library of Congress, resources on the WEB, photos, and more. Don't miss the suggested multimedia project ideas at the very end of the kmz file.  It also includes a "overview" podcast and a teacher lesson plan, pdf file, which can be downloaded. This project can also be found in Google Lit Trips.

Project Based On Historical Literature
Location: Redding, Connecticut
Page Author:   Brent M. Colley, Historian
Topic:  Redding, CT- sites and locations that relate to the novel,
             My Brother Sam is Dead
Google Tools Used: Google Maps, Search Engine, Web master tool
Project Title: A Reader's Guide to the Novel, My Brother Sam is Dead
                               Learn More About the Locations in the Novel
The project, by historian Brent Colley, is a Google Map with placemarkers that give a visual representation of the locations and events that occur in the novel. Use this is as a resource to enable students to visually "see" places where events occur in the story. This is a companion to Brent's extensive online resources exploring the storyline and topics within the novel. Find more information on Brent's websites, which are dedicated to the My Brother Sam is Dead and the History of Redding, CT.

Coming Soon:
  • Poem: The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere - A comparison of the poem by Longfellow and the actual events of the night of April 18, 1775
    Google Tools Uses: Google Earth, Search Engine, Docs, Picasa, Forms, Presentation, News
  • Title: The Mark Twain Centennial Project - The life of Mark Twain - places he visited, where he lived, friends, family, & interests. See how his writings were tied to his travels and connections with cities and people.
     Authors: Brent M. Colley, historian, Susan Durkee, portrait artist, and Heather Morgan of the
                    Mark Twain Library, Redding, CT.

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