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What historical event, explorer, voyage, or local history would you like to share with other schools? Have you studied the settlement history of your own community? Have you studied about your state or country and historical events that helped shape it?

This site is dedicated to the explorers, voyages, events, and historical backgrounds of countries throughout the World. We'd like to hear about famous explorers who surveyed or traveled through your community long ago. Perhaps you'd like to tell us about historical events that shaped your locale or region. You may wish to report about a catastrophic event in your area. Or, you may want to tell us how your community was founded, its historical background, early settlers. Every community, every town, every country has a past, and we'd like to hear about yours.

This project is open to schools all over the World. We invite a "global community" of schools to share this site with us. We can learn about each other's countries as we contribute to this site.

Suggested Topics:

  • voyages of early explorers such as Henry Hudson, Columbus, Sir Francis Drake
  • information about the early explorers, including using primary source documents
  • historical events that played a role in the history of your area
  • early settlers in your area, the historical background of your community
  • famous projects, concepts, or undertakings that helped shape your part of the World
  • famous events/people in your area - battles, speeches, settlers, activists, etc.
  • ways your area introduced commerce or travel such as the Erie Canal in New York State or waterways or railroads
  • famous landmarks or historical sites, commemorating significant events
  • other topics you might suggest


Feel free to explore the projects that have been contributed by other schools. See how they are designed.

  • Some are designed so that students work independently as they learn about historical events or people.
  • Others are designed so that teachers and students can access the sites/projects and use their varied resources as unit lessons - webquests, readings, primary source documents, Google Maps, Google Earth kml's, Google gadgets, Google Blogger, student-created videos, podcasts, etc.

How to Submit Projects:

  1. Contact the site administrator (Carol LaRow) with your project idea
  2. Design a project that can be used by teachers to teach a lesson, or
  3. Design a project that students can use independently as they learn, or
  4. Post a final student project, that demonstrates what they've learned
  5. Use at least two Google tools in your project
  6. If the project warrants, include resources that will enhance the lesson such as links to:
    • the WEB for more information
    • additional lessons or webquests
    • online learning games
    • online photos
    • documents you create for teacher or student use
    • photos or sketches your students submit, etc.
  7. Be sure to cite your sources. Here's a useful link for citing your sources.
  8. Choose a Google tool/tools to showcase your final product
  9. Create a WEB page that hosts your project, or ask us about hosting it
  10. We will link to your page from this site; your page will link back to this page
  11. Google Map or Google Earth KML files, can be hosted on this site
  12. Fill out the FORM to provide basic information about your project & school

    Suggested Technology Tools:

    We would like to suggest that you "explore" using WEB 2.0 tools for your project. There are many tools available for teachers and students to use. Clusters of tools can work together to enhance lessons and offer students a variety of leaning tools as they work through the lessons.

    This site highlights Google tools.

    • The projects hosted on this site should use at least two Google tools as students work though the learning part of the projects. You could certainly count doing a "Google Search" for information on the WEB as one of the tools.
    • The final projects/products could use just one tool - Google Earth or Google Maps, for example, to illustrate or demonstrate what the students have learned.

    A final project is the one you post for other schools to view and use:

    • It can be a project/product that demonstrates what your students have learned AFTER they have finished the learning part of the unit (a Google Earth KML, for example)
    • It can be a complete lesson, with links and resources, others can use to teach the unit
    • You can design it any way you wish
    • Be sure and look at the exemplars we've posted

    Some Google tools you may find useful are:

    Google Earth Google Maps Google Blogger Classroom
    Docs Spreadsheet Presentation/Slides Forms
    News Image Search Newspaper Archives Google Video
    Sites Gmail Google Keep Book Lists
    Trends Scholar Photos Alerts
    Book Search Expeditions List YouTube Chrome Webstore

    Some Final Thoughts:

    1. The goal is to collect projects from schools all over the World.

    2. Design a WEB page we can link to. "Host" your project on that WEB page. Link to your resources off that page. If you create a Google SITE or publish a Google DOC, link to it. If you create a Google Earth historical trip with pins and text, link to the kml file. We will link to your page and write a brief description of your project.

    3. You might concentrate on using one "main" Google tool such as Google Earth or Google Maps or Google Presentation. That might be the final product/project you share with other schools.

    4. The "hub" of the project might be a Google Earth or Google Map of your historical project. As students click through the pins on the maps, they might be learning or answering questions. It depends on how you'd like to set up your project. Other tools can be used as students "discover" or research the history of their selected topics.

    5. You might find other Google tools useful such as Blogger or Docs or Sites or Notebook as students collaborate and learn. Students can use these tools as they discover information, engage in peer-to-peer learning, and design their projects.

    6. School projects on historical themes might be better suited to use Google Earth or Google Maps to plot events and places.

    7. When contacting Carol LaRow, please indicate which project category you will be doing. We will host your project on the appropriate page of this site.

    8. Fill out the FORM to give us basic information about your school and your project.
    Project Categories:

    Famous Explorers & Voyages

    Historical Events

    History of Your Community

    Historical Literature

    Ancestors' Journeys

    Catastrophic Events

    Heroes & Courageous People

    History Museums - Educational Programs

    National Historical Parks & National Historical Sites

    Cultures Around The World

    Educational Sites & Primary Materials

    Google 3D Super Modelers - Historic Sites & Buildings

    Resources For Projects


    Site Administrator:

    Carol LaRow

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    • Google Certified Trainer
    • Google Apps For Education Regional Leader
    • Apple Distinguished Educator
    • Smithsonian Laureate

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