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Many historical events have shaped our history. Perhaps your school is located in a place where famous historians brought about change or democracy. Perhaps you live where famous battles took place, or famous speeches were delivered, or land acquisitions were made. Maybe your community is named after one of these famous events.

Some of your relatives may have taken part in events of the most recent historical past. Perhaps your ancestors played a role. Many primary source accounts are available from the people who lived through the events. Share your knowledge, experiences, and research of your part of the World with other students.

If your school has done a project on one of these topics, we'd love to host it here for others to discover and learn from. If one of your ancestors played a role, please tell us about that too.

School District School Location
Madison Public Schools Dr. R.H. Brown Middle School

Madison, Connecticut

Superintendent:   Mr. David Klein
Principal:  Ms. Julianne Phelps; Assistant Principal: Ms. Kathryn Hart
Project Coordinator:mMr. Peter Bizier, social studies teacher
Technology Integration Specialist: Michael Kiefer;  Language Arts Teacher: Travis LaPointe
Google Tools Used: Google Maps, Docs, Google Search Engine
Photo Source - National Archives
Project Title:   Major Events of the Civil War
Intermediate students in the Dr. R.H. Brown Middle School read articles, research events, and collaborate as they summarize what they have learned about the American Civil War. The students create an historical "voyage" of the major events and battles in Google Maps, combining social studies, language arts, and technology skills. Students read the book, Fields of Fury, by James McPherson, chose topics, and did follow up research, addressing the "Who, What, When, Where, and Why" of each event. Students did research on the WEB, used graphic organizers, and constructed written paragraphs with topic sentences, transitions, and closing statements. They used Google Image Search to find appropriate images and cited their sources. The students posted their final project in Google Maps and received three grades: research (language arts/social studies), written paragraphs (language arts), finished product in Google Maps (social studies).

School District School Location
San Ramon Valley Unified SD Twin Creeks Elementary School

San Ramon, California

Superintendent:   Mr. Steven W. Enoch
Principal:  Ms. Kathy Crosthwaitmmmmm
Teacher:mMr. Gray Buetzow, 5th grade teacher
Google Tools Used: Google Earth, Picasa, Docs, Google Search Engine
Photo Source
Project Title:   Slavery, Exploitation, and Slave Trade Routes
Fifth grade students in Twin Creek Elementary School do research and learn about the exploitation of people and use of slave trade routes. Using Google Earth, students follow the routes, answer questions posed by their teacher, and draw conclusions about the history of slave trade, how and why it started, where it took place in the World, and discuss what they have learned. Follow the Google Earth kmz and learn more about Africa, England, Brazil, the Colonies, and more. Follow the routes of the slave ships and be an eyewitness to history as you explore the links and do research on the WEB. Culminating Activity - in kmz and in Google Docs.

My Reading Mapped For Schools - George Stiller
Topic: Interactive Google Maps Of Historic Events
Site Designer:   Mr. George Stiller
Background:  Corporate marketing manager, corporate graphic designer, and
advertising agency art director
Purpose of Site: Make learning history an "interactive experience"
Google Tools Used: Google: Maps, Earth, Docs, Blogger, Book Search, Street, and
Project Title:  My Reading Mapped For Schools

Explore the interactive maps of George Stiller who has designed an instructional site with a focus on creating educational Google maps of historic events.  Mr. Stiller’s purpose is to make learning history more interesting by providing interactive maps that allow teachers and students to find actual locations, link to Internet sites for additional information, access primary source documents, and read related eBooks. 

The interactive maps provide placemarkers that allow users to “click” their way through events and locations. Users can follow the paths of explorers, trace the action of famous battles, visit ancient lost cities, view nature’s wonders, discover sunken ships of the Atlantic, and more. In addition, Mr. Stiller provides links to videos, teaching materials by posted by academics, archives in the Library Of Congress, Internet resources, historical maps, historical images, Wikipedia pages, etc. Visit “My Reading Maps For Schools” to enjoy the rich content Mr. Stiller has provided as a resource for both teachers and students to enhance teaching and learning.

Mr. Stiller has also included summaries, class assignments, discussion questions, and Internet resources for each map.

School District School Location
Lynchburg City Schools Linkhorne Middle School

Lynchburg, Virginia

Superintendent:   Dr. Paul McKendrick
Principal:  Mr. Robert KernsmmmmmTechnology Director: Dr. Greg Sullivan
Teachers:mJeanne Skinner and Rhonda Miller (Instructional Technology Specialist)
Google Tools Used: Google Earth
Project Title:   Time Travel Enrichment Class Tours History
Seventh graders study historical events that helped define our history. Dubbed the "Time Travel" project, students researched famous events and people such as
D-Day, Amelia Earhart, the Transcontinential Railroad, Sherman's March to the Sea, Blackbeard, the Union Pacific Railroad, the Great Migration, Indian Wars of the Great Plains, and more. They use Google Earth to represent the different events.

(Don't miss their "famous explorers" projects on the "Famous Explorers and Voyages Page" of this site which include Cortez, Columbus, Sir Francis Drake, the Lewis & Clark Expedition, Marco Polo, and much more.)

School District School Location
Wake Forest-Rolesville Schools Wake Forest-Rolesville High School

Wake Forest, North Carolina

Principal:  Dr. Tina Hootsmmmm
Educators:mAmy Myers (Library Media Specialist), Bradley Baker
Google Tools Used: Google Earth, News, News Archives, Images, Sites
Project Title:   Global Issues: The World Divided 29 Ways

High school students studied global issues by researching different countries around the World. Students researched general information, statistics, economic issues, trade, unemployment rates, and current events for each country. They looked at the relationship the countries had with other countries and focused on the current events that took place in each country. A requirement for each student was that the events must have taken place between the years the students were born and the present. Therefore, the students were researching information that had taken place during their lifetimes. 

Students drew conclusions and made connections between the events that had taken place in the country they were researching and the impact of those events on other nations around the World. They summarized their findings by locating the countries and events in Google Earth, creating kmz files that explained the effects or consequences of those events, and creating lessons to share with their fellow classmates.

Coming Soon:

  • Goshen Center School, Region 6, Goshen, CT - middle school students, ages 10 - 13, will study about and research important events leading to and during the American Revolutionary War. Students will learn about the impact of decisions made for the Colonies. They will draw conclusions about cause/effect, various tax acts, battles, etc. and the significance of the events and decisions on both England and the Colonies. Students will create a customized Google Map, tracking the events in chronological order and explaining their conclusions; teachers, Sara Funkhouser and Amy Kennedy
      Title of project: "Important Events Leading To And During The Revolutionary War"
      Google Tools Used in Project: Google Docs, Presentation, Picasa, Maps, Forms, Search
          Engine, and Google Earth
      Final projects done with: Google Earth, Maps, Docs, Picasa
  • Mynderse Academy, Seneca Falls, NY - high school students, ages 14 - 18, map the geographical location of important events and describe the impact the events had on global history; teacher, Pamela Becker
      Title of project: "Where In The World Is My History?"
      Google Tools Used in Project: Docs, Maps, Earth, Image Search, WEB Album, Map
      Gadgets, Search Engine. Final projects done with Google Maps.
  • Ohatchee High School, Ohatchee, Alabama - high school students study cultural changes in the United States from the time of WWII to present day; teacher, William Legon
      Google Tools Used In Project: News, Docs, Search
  • The Underground Railroad - the road to freedom; its history and significance

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