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Different courageous people and heroes have shaped our World over time. Every country, every culture has them, and students have been studying about them and looking up to them for centuries. Some are brave and face unbelievabe dangers and challenges. Others are selfless and disregard their own safety or welfare in order to help their fellow man. Some have the courage to deal with overwhelming circumstances and make significant contributions. They have a quality of spirit that inspires others.

Tell us about your favorite heroes and courageous people. Whom do you admine? Why? How have their accomplishments touched you?

If your school has done a project on a hero or courageous person, let us know, and we'll post it here. We'd love to see your projects, and we'd love to learn about heroes and courageous people from different countries.


The following schools were the first to take part in this project. Please study their formats as models for your own projects.

School District School Location
Westfield School District Roosevelt Intermediate School

Westfield, New Jersey

Superintendent:   Dr. Margaret Dolan
Principal:  Mr. Stewart T. CareymmmmmTechnology Director: Mr. Harold Johnson
Instructional Technology Specialist: Pamela Friedman
Google Tools Used: Google Sites, YouTube (Student Videos Uploaded)
Two Projects - Topic: Who is Your Hero?
Project # 1:  Who Is Your Hero And How Has He/She Changed The World?
Eighth grade students, in Pam Friedman's technology class, chose their own personal heroes and courageous people to showcase in their web design class. Each student created a "hero" webpage complete with biography, accomplishments, and photos. In addition, they wrote about the hero's impact on the World. The final project is hosted on Google SITES.
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Project # 2:   Who Is Your Hero And What Is His/Her Accomplishments?
Students also showcased their heroes' accomplishments in video format. They used a combination of images, music, and text, combined with their own voiceovers, to create a digital storytelling project. They researched their heroes, processed the information, wrote scripts, and summarized what they learned. The final project is hosted on Google SITES, and the student videos are uploaded to YouTube and linked.

Video Source
Video Source
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Coming Soon:
  • Classic Greek Heroes - high school students study Greek mythology and the concept of heroes in Greek literature

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