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This page is dedicated to the explorers who searched for new lands, new passageways, and expansions for their countries. Others searched for riches or places to settle for religious freedom. Some of the projects on this page focus on the voyages and their importance. Other projects look at the explorers themselves, their lives, their goals, etc. and go deeper into the backstories of each explorer.

Tell us about the early explorers who helped set the stage for the development of your area. Did they make daring voyages in uncharted waters to discover your area? Were they claiming new lands for their kings?

What is the background of your area? Tell us so we can learn about your country.


The following schools were the first to take part in this project. Please study their formats as
models for your own projects:

School District School Location
Lynchburg City Schools Linkhorne Middle School

Lynchburg, Virginia

Superintendent:   Dr. Paul McKendrick
Principal:  Mr. Robert KernsmmmmmTechnology Director: Dr. Greg Sullivan
Teachers:mJeanne Skinner and Rhonda Miller (Instructional Technology Specialist)
Google Tools Used: Google Earth
Project Title:   Google Earth Time Travel Trips
Seventh grade students conduct historical research, analyze their findings, and summarize information about famous explorers and events. Using Google Earth, they create visual representations of historical events and deliver oral presentations, demonstrating what they have learned. Projects include Hernando Cortez, Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake, the Lewis & Clark Expedition, Marco Polo, and more.
(Don't miss their "historical events" projects on the "Historical Events Page" of this site which include D-Day, Amelia Earhart, The Fight for Equal Rights, General Sherman's March to the Sea, the Transcontinental Railroad, and much more.)

School District School Location
Up-Island Regional Schools West Tisbury School

Martha's Vineyard, MA

Superintendent: Dr. James Weiss
Principal: Mr. Bob Halt
Educational Technologist:  Valerie Becker     Teachers:  Patricia Kelley, Susan Miller
Google Tools Used: Google Earth
Project Title:   Fifth Grade Explores Explorers
Fifth grade students "explore" the settlement of the New World. Through research, mapping, dramatic presentations and information technology, students demonstrate their knowledge of the explorers and the indigenous peoples they encountered while exploring. Explore our students' findings with us.

Lesson Overview Included: Essential questions, Lesson Outcomes, Activities, Assessments. Resources and Materials

School District School Location
Bethlehem Central Schools Hamagrael Elementary School

Delmar, New York

Superintendent:   Dr. Michael Tebbano
Principal:  Mr. David Ksanznak mmmmmTechnology Director: Mr. Mac Carlton 
Teachers:mm Barbara Cox, Kahlan Gaston, Michael Wadenmaier
Google Tools Used: Google Maps, Google Earth, Sites, Gadgets
Project Title:   Henry Hudson's Voyage 1609
Albany, New York, will celebrate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's voyage to find a Northwest Passage in 1609. Teachers and students of the Bethlehem Central Schools in upstate NY are doing a project to trace Hudson's route. Students learn about the hardships the crew faced from doing research, including using the primary source documents of Robert Juet's journal.

Coming Soon:
  • Milpitas Christian School, San Jose, CA - 8th graders, "The Lewis & Clark Expedition," teacher, Diane Main
  • History of whaling in New England

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