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In school, we study about cultures and customs of our own countries and the countries of others. We learn about the ways people are unified within their countries by language, customs, heritage, arts, traditions, conventions, beliefs, observances, etc. We also learn about the differences since countries can be comprised of different ethnic groups and heritages.

Perhaps your class is learning about another country by communicating with students outside your own country. You may be exchanging emails, videos, and doing live chats. You may be discussing your traditions, foods, climate, historical events, famous people, famous landmarks, etc. You may be communicating with a country whose language you are learning.

In the course of these exchanges, you are not only learning to speak a foreign language, you are also learning about the country, its citizens, and their traditions. You explore information to find out more about the country by doing research on the WEB, reading materials supplied by your teacher, gathering information, and interpreting what the other students are telling you as you interact with them.

Some of you may have had the opportunity to visit the country you are studying. This enables you to see a "living" culture and practice the language.

If your class is studying another country's culture, please share it here. If you have visited a foreign country to learn more about its people, its language, and its traditions, we'd love to hear what you learned.

School District School Location
 South Windsor Public Schools  South Windsor High School

 South Windsor, Connecticut 

Superintendent:   Kate Carter, Ed.D
Principal:  Daniel Sullivan
Project Coordinator: Gail McKenna, World Language Teacher, French, ADE
Google Tools Used: Maps, Docs, Google Search Engine
Complementary Apps & Sites: Garage Band, iMovie, Creative Commons
Project Title:  Imagine West Africa (IImaginez L'Afrique de l'Ouest)

Students living in the United States often have difficulty imagining far away places. Students in a high school French class in South Windsor, CT, expanded their knowledge of West Africa as they visually explored and created their own video journals of an imaginary trip. Each pair of "travelers" went from one location to the next and took "pictures" of their discoveries. They presented what they had learned by creating video journals, which they narrated in French. The videos were created using Garage Band and iMovie and imported into Google Maps projects.

School Location

Rosario, Argentina

   Project:   Group Of Students From Different Schools Study England's Culture
   Project Coordinator:mRita Zeinstejer, Multimedia Coordinator
   Google Tools Used: Sites, Maps, Picasa, Blogger, Docs, Google Search Engine    
Project Title:   Argentina Students Study About & Visit England
High school students of the Asociacion Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa in Rosario, Argentina, learn about and appreciate the culture of England. The students have been studying English as a second language for ten years. The goal of this project was to help the students understand the value of communicating and interacting with people in other countries, outside the classroom setting. Along with doing research about the customs and conventions of the country, reading blogs and materials, and gathering information, the students were given an authentic experience - traveling to England. Students were able to actually see and meet the people, observe the culture, and practice the English language by interacting in a natural, spontaneous environment. Before students visited England, they collaborated with partners as they located information about specific places they wished to visit. They did a class blog and summarized their information by creating Google Site pages, complete with text and images.

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