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This historical novel is about a family living in Connecticut during the time of the American Revolution. They must face the consequences of the war when it reaches their community. The story is told through the eyes of the younger son, Tim Meeker.

My Brother Sam is Dead
by James Lincoln Collier & Christopher Collier
This Google Earth project can be used as a complete lesson to teach the novel. It follows the story and characters, chapter by chapter. Click on the placemarker pins to open windows that contain discussion questions, written by Carol LaRow's 7th grade students, which can be used in class to arrive at the meaning and theme of the novel. Each link contains chapter summaries and additional WEB resources, which help students understand the time period of the American Revolution.

Don't miss the links at the bottom of the KMZ file which contain additional resources, links to the Library of Congress, and primary source documents, webquests, and online games for learning about the revolution and Colonial Times. There are also suggested activities and projects for students to use as culminating activities.

View and download chapter questions and additional resources. See links below.

Photo Source
Newer Version - Plays In Browser
Older Version - Plays In Google Earth Pro
Play or Download podcast
(need Quick Time Player)
Download KMZ file to play in Google Earth PRO
LINK to file that plays in Google Earth WEB (plays in a browser)
Directions for Lesson
Download PDF file
Link To File If Cannot Open KMZ
View Chapter Questions in Google Docs
  • with searchable text
  • "live" hyperlinks
  • can download pdf
Culminating Activities And Projects
  • with searchable text
  • can download pdf
Sample Student Reflection Essay - Google Docs
  • sample way for students to use Docs
  • links to Google Doc where students write online
Sample Peer Editing FORM
Students Collaborate

  • sample way for students to use FORMS
  • links to Google Form for peer editing assignment

  1. Follow along chapter by chapter as Google Earth shows you where the action of the novel took place.
  2. Click on the placemarkers and use the discussion questions written by our 7th grade students. Each placemarker has additional resource links to the WEB.
  3. Then, use the bottom of the KMZ for additional photos, links to primary source documents, suggested culminating activities, and more.
  4. Lesson Overview Includes: Essential questions, Lesson Outcomes, Activities, Assessments. Resources and Materials
  5. Please write us and let us know how you used this lesson. Email:
  6. Additional resources can be found at Carol's webpage:

     Note: This lesson is best used chapter by chapter. You can "fly" the lesson, but it is designed to open each placemarker as you read each chapter and discuss
                the novel with students "whole class." Students can also use this lesson on their own, or in small collaborative groups.

(You will need to have Google Earth installed on your computer to view this lesson)

download Google Earth application
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