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Linkhorne Middle School

Lynchburg, Virginia

Google Earth Time Travel Trips
7th Graders in Lynchburg City Schools conduct historical research, analyze their findings, and summarize information. Using Google Earth, they create visual representations of historical events and deliver oral presentations, demonstrating what they have learned. Their projects can be found on two pages within this site:

 1)  Famous Explorers and Voyages
 2)  Historical Events
Historical Events - Page Two
These historical projects were created by first six weeks Time Travel students.
Historical Events:
Edward Teach (Blackbeard)  by John
Up, Up and Away with Amelia Earhart   by Emma
Transcontinental Railroad   by Ethan
Sunken Ships   by Tyler
The Trail on Which They Cried   by Tawanda
The Journey West   by Mary
The Donner Party of Death   by Sophie
Sherman's March to the Sea Making Georgia Howl   by Bailey
Immigration   by De'Asia
Attack of the Indians   by Jacob
D-Day   by Vitor
Wretched Ship Wrecks   by Joe
Union Pacific Railroad   by Courtney
The Trail of Tears   by Emma
The Great Migration   by Nora
The Fight for Equal Rights   by Corey
The Donner Party of Death   by Leah
The D-Day Invasion   by Andrew
Long, Hard Jounney on the Santa Fe Trail from Missouri to New Mexico   by Ashley
Indian Wars of the Great Plains   by Carter
General Sherman's March to the Sea   by Campbell
Cattle Travel From Western Ranches to Eastern Dinner Plates   by Carter
Amelia Earhart's Trek to Make History   by Laura
Trans-Siberian Railroad   by Jonathan
The Nazi Death Camps   by Morgan
The Donner Party's Tragic Expedition   by Samer
The D-Day Experience   by Edward
Oregon Trail Ahead!   by Bekah
Famous Ships That Sank   by Antonio
Erwin Rommel's North African Desert Wars   by Sam
Connecting the East with the West; Following the Union Pacific Transcontinental Railroad   by Olivia
Campaigns of General MacArthur   by Daniel
Blackbeard's Mischievous Travels   by Lap
Amelia Earhart's Flight Around the World   by Sims
A Trail to Santa Fe   by Alyssa
Visit our "Time Travel Projects," which are listed under a separate page on this site.
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