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Photo Source - National Park Service
Photo Source - National Park Service
Photo Source - National Park Service

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There are wonderfully rich resources in the United States that help preserve and teach about American history. Some of the places/sites are national landmarks. Others are parks preserved to show generations what took place on their grounds and surrounding areas. They come under the auspices of the Department of the Interior and have been set aside because they are significant in the history of the U.S. , its culture, and people. These sites are protected by the Federal Government so that people can access them and learn from them for generations. The sites usually center around a specific event in history. The parks also center around a topic, but their boundaries may contain only part of the history of the area; additional places and resources may lie outside the park boundaries.

The National Park Service has established websites for each of its national parks and national sites. Visitors to the websites will find information about the parks' histories, educational programs, ranger tours, exhibits, photos, information for planning visits, things to do, and resources for teachers and students.

Explore the rich content and outstanding resources of our national parks and national sites.

"Minuteman National Historical Park - National Park Service"

Organization Location
mmmmmmMinuteman National Historical Parkmmmmmm

mLexington, Lincoln, & Concord, Massachusettsmm

  Minuteman Visitor Center, Lincoln MA - see a film and electronic map, depicting the events of April 19, 1775
  North Bridge Visitor Center, Concord, MA - visit the place where Colonists first received orders to fire on their countrymenn
  Hartwell Tavern, Lincoln, MA - one of the "witness houses" on Battle Road
  The Wayside - home of authors
  Paul Revere Capture Site - see where the British "Regulars" captured Paul Revere

Minuteman National Historical Park - National Park Service"

  • Part of the National Park Service, the Minuteman National Historical Park, is dedicated to the Battles of Lexington and Concord in Massachusets, April 1775
  • April 18 & 19, 1775 - after years of political unrest, British soldiers (Regulars) clashed with Minutemen and Militia of Lexington and Concord, and neighboring towns. The American Revolutionary War began with the, "Shot Heard Round The World."
  • The Visitor Center offers an outstanding audio/video re-telling of the events leading up to the battles, the battles themselves, and the aftermaths. As you listen to the narration and hear accounts of the battles, a map, with colored lights (red for the Regular British Army and blue for the Colonists) offers visual representations of where the soldiers marched and fought. Watch, as this realistic 25 minute show brings the events of April 1775 to life for the visitor.
  • The park offers educational programs, ranger talks, ranger-guided tours, self-guided options, links to primary source documents, maps, and more.
  • The Minuteman National Historical Park is located in Lincoln, Massachussets, near the sites of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, Battle Road, Paul Revere's Capture Site, and more.
Hartwell Tavern On Battle Road
Hartwell Tavern Interior
Hartwell Tavern Kitchen Fireplace
Photo Source: CC-Attribution- 3.0
Photo Source: Personal Photo
Photo Source: Personal Photo
North Bridge, Concord, MA
Park Ranger, Demonstrating Firing Of Weapon
Hartwell Tavern, Battle Road
British Soldier, Called "Regulars"
At North Bridge, Concord, MA
Photo Source (Public Domain)
Photo Source: Personal Photo
Photo Source: Personal Photo
Paul Revere Capture Site
Regulars and Militia Engage
Battle Road
Photo Source: Personal Photo, Visitor's Center
Photo Source: CC-Attribution- 3.0
Photo Source: Personal Photo
Minuteman National Historical Park - Visitor Center
Schedule Of Events
Ranger Programs
For Teachers - Curriculum Materials
For Children
Curriculum Materials:  Minuteman National Historical Park

The Minuteman National Historical Park offers resources for teachers and students.

1)  "Rebels, Redcoats, and Homespun Heroes" - An interdisciplinary program about the early days of the American
       Revolution showing how the Colonists and the "Regular" British soldiers affected the events of history.
2)  "Lexington and Concord: A Legacy Of Conflict" - Students can study primary source materials and draw their
own conclusions about the events of April 19, 1775.
3) "Meriam's Corner: Revolution Of Their Doorstep" - A lesson which explores the stories of people who witnessed
     the events on April 18 & 19, 1775 - from Lexington Green to North Bridge to Meriam's Corner.

Click Images To Download PDF's
Rebels, Redcoats, & Homespun Heroes
Lexington & Concord - A
Legacy Of Conflict
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Nearby Historical Sites

Beyond the boundaries of the Minuteman National Historical Park, visitors will be able to see other famous historical sites such as the Lexington Green, the Lexington Visitors' Center, Buckman Tavern, Munroe Tavern, and the Hancock-Clarke House.

Buckman Tavern, Lexington, MA
Minuteman Statue, Lexington Green
Photo Source: CC-BY-SA-3.0, Daderot
Photo Source: Personal Photo
Munroe Tavern, Percy's Headquarters, Lexington, MA
Where Militia Stood, Lexington Green
Photo Source: Personal Photo
Photo Source: Personal Photo
Minuteman Statue, Lexington Green
Lexington Visitors' Center Across From Green
Photo Source: Personal Photo
Photo Source: Personal Photo

Lexington, Massachusetts:

  • Lexington, MA played a very important role in the events of April 18 & 19, 1775
  • When the Regulars arrived in Lexington, they found local members of the Colonial Militia waiting for them. The Colonists knew the British were about to make their move, but they didn't know exactly when.
  • Paul Revere and William Dawes rode from Boston, MA to Lexington, MA to warn the Colonists that the "Regulars" were on the move.
  • The British soldiers were after the ammunition the Colonists had hidden in Concord, MA. They were also after the Patriot leaders, Sam Adams and John Hancock. Paul Revere and William Dawes knew they had to warn the countryside.
  • The militiamen who stood their ground on Lexington Green (also known as the Common), were the first to be killed by the British soldiers. The militiamen stood in two rows, facing the oncoming British soldiers. No one knows who fired the first shot, but eight Colonial militiamen lay dead, shot by the Regulars. This was the first time British citizens had fired upon other British citizens. The leader of the Colonial militiamen was Captain John Parker. The Regulars were ordered by General Gage to advance on both Lexington and Concord.
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