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There are sites on the WEB which have resources, materials, links, teacher guides, and primary source documents for everyone to use. The education services divisions of these organizations develop thoughtful resources that are excellent supplements to classroom materials. These sites are especially useful for teaching and learning.

The following sites are dedicated to the study of and learning about history.
Their education specialists have contributed to this project.
Explore their rich content and outstanding resources.

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Category - Media In Education
Newspaper Articles & Teacher Guides

Organization Location
mmNew York News Publishers Associationmmmm

mmAlbany, New Yorkmm

mEducation Services Director: Mary Millermm
mWriter: Kevin L. Gilbertmm
mGoogle Tools Used: Google Docs, Google Search Enginemmmm

New York News Publishers' Association, Newspaper in Education (NYNPA/ NIE);

Goals - to encourage and support the use of newspapers, in print or online, as tools for promoting literacy and as teaching resources. NYNPA/ NIE support the use of newspapers in schools, summer reading programs, adult education, and literacy programs. The program is based on the belief that newpaper readerhip is essential to the formation of citizenship.

NYNPA/ NIE materials are included on this site because newspapers, current and historic, are PRIMARY DOCUMENTS - source materials that are closest to the person, information, period, or idea being studied. The resources offered here are to enhance educational goals in the classroom.

Project Title:  Hudson, Fulton, Champlain

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Materials reflect the Hudson and Champlain Valley History from before 1609 - 2009.

Developed for:
1)  400th Anniversary (Quadricentennial) of Hudson's and Champlain's voyages
2)  200th Anniversary of Fulton's revolutionary developments on the steamship

Additional Files:

Additional pdf files (features) provide an overview of various historic eras; teaching guide includes links to resources on the same themes. Done in partnership with the NYS Archives Partnership Trust and funded by the NY Council for the Humanities.

Category - Online Libraries
Primary Source Documents & Lesson Plans on the U.S. Constitution

Organization Location

mmWashington, DCmm

mmDirector of Education and Volunteers: Eleesha Tuckermmmm
mmProgram: The Constitutional Sources Projectmmmm
mmComprehensive Library of Online Primary Sources Related to the Constitutionmm
mmGoogle Tools Used: Google Earth, Google Search Enginemm

Goals - Consource is a free, online library of U.S. Constitutional history. The mission of ConSource is to increase knowledge, facilitate research, and encourage discussion of the U.S. Constitution by providing free access to the documentary history of its creation, ratification and amendment, and by developing web-based tools that enable “We the People” to interact with Constitutional history.

Consource digitizes and cross-references thousands of source documents written by individuals who drafted, ratified, and influenced the creation of the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments. It offers a Constitutional Index which breaks down the U.S. Constitution by Section, Amendment, and Clause. It also contains other topics and themes for users to research and learn from. Consource also offers programs and events that make use of Constitutional sources.

This is a great resource for students, teachers, judges, legislators, law professionals, scholars, and anyone doing research.

Project Title:  ConSource Document-Based Curriculum
Google Earth Project
U.S. Constitution

The Constitutional Sources Project has created the most comprehensive free online library of primary sources related to the Constitution. It is a tool used by people from the Supreme Court to the sixth grader. Documents are searchable by clause and keyword. Now, teachers and students can learn from lesson plans based on these primary sources in the library.