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Project Title: Major Events of the Civil War
Fifth grade students in Mr. Peter Bizier's and Mr. Travis LaPointe's classes read articles, research events, and collaborate as they summarize what they have learned about the American Civil War. The students create an historical "voyage" of the major events and battles in Google Maps, combining social studies, language arts, and technology skills. Students read the book, Fields of Fury, by James McPherson, chose topics, and did follow up research, addressing the "Who, What, When, Where, and Why" of each event. Students did research on the WEB, used graphic organizers, and constructed written paragraphs with topic sentences, transitions, and closing statements. They used Google Image Search to find appropriate images and cited their sources. The students posted their final project in Google Maps and received three grades: research (language arts/social studies), written paragraphs (language arts), finished product in Google Maps (social studies).

We are part of the global project entitled, "Google Historical Voyages and Events," which is a site dedicated to showcasing teacher and student projects related to history. Schools are posting projects they create as students study historical events. Some of the projects are teaching lessons; others are summary projects done by the students. All the projects use at least one Google tool. We are pleased to be part of "Google Historical Voyages and Events."

Project Includes:
  1. Learning Standards Including (download):
    • National Council For The Social Studies
    • Connecticut Social Studies Framework

  2. Student directions (listed below) as downloadable pdf files (in Google Docs)

  3. Graphic Organizer - The 5 W's

  4. Assessment Research Rubric

  5. Assessment Final Paragraph Rubric

  6. Assessment Final Project - Google Map Rubric

  7. Template - Students Cite Sources

All documents can be viewed online and downloaded from Google Docs

Mapping the Civil War - Student Directions
Students study the American Civil War - its causes, events, battles, slavery, effect on the people, etc. They use primary sources, class discussion, research on the WEB, and the book, Fields of Fury, as they study the unit. As a culminating activity, students are required to do more "in depth" research on an historical event or battle.
Final Project Task:
Students create a Google Map and/or Google Earth kmz that demonstrates their understanding of their assigned topics - an event or battle of the Civil War. As a class, students collaboratively include their information in a Google Map or Google Earth project. Students include information, pictures, and text in placemarkers, that explains and charts significant events in the war. Students draw their own conclusions about the research they complete on their topics.
Part 1 - Research
1.    Read your article from the book Fields of Fury by James McPherson.
2.    Search NetTrekker for useful information on your topic.
3.    Record the soruces youused to collect information.
4.    Take notes on the graphic organizer.
5.    Search for an appropriate picture using the picure databases lised in Blackboard, in Google Historical Journey.
6.    Use to cite and post your sources.
Part 2 - Drafting and Writing
1.   Use your notes to write a well organized paragraph.
2.   As you write, check off the notes you use in your written paragraph.
3.   Be sure you have:
        a. a topic sentence
        b. transition words
        c. clear sentences
        d. a closing/clincher statement
Part 3 - Revising and Editing (This is an important step. Your work will be published for the World to view!)
1.    Re-read your work and correct errors.
2.    On the computer, open the document where you saved your "works cited" and "picture."
3.    Type your paragraph in the section marked, "Type your paragraph here."
4.     Print your work. Have another student re-read and edit your draft. Have the student sign the form.
5.     On the computer, revise your writing and hand it in to your teacher.
Part 4 - Posting Your Work to Google Maps
You will receive these instructions separately from your teacher.
Culminating Student Projects - View in Google MAPS.
  1. Click on the links or maps below
  2. Browser window opens Google Maps; view class maps inside your browser
  3. Click on placemarkers (on the maps) to see photos, text, and citations written by students
  4. Or, click on the links in the left sidebar
Culminating Student Activity - Google Maps:

Mr. Bizier's Class Map

Culminating Student Activity - Google Maps:

Mrs. Leonard's Class Map

Culminating Student Activity - Google Maps: Culminating Student Activity - Google Maps:

Mrs. Bannon's Class Map

Culminating Student Projects - View in Google Earth
  1. Click on the links below
  2. The Google Earth KMZ file will download to your computer
  3. Double click a KMZ file, and it will open in Google Earth on your computer.
(You will need to have Google Earth installed on your computer to view the lesson in Google Earth
KMZ's will open in Google Earth. Double Click to openn.
Download Google Earth

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